Thursday, August 7, 2014

British Columbia: Cupcake on DenMan Vancouver

What drew me to Cupcakes was the line snaking out the door. What could possibly be attracting all these people? I soon found out. The window was piled high with the most delectable cupcakes you can imagine. Cake plates full of chocolate cupcakes with mocha frosting and a coffee bean on top, yellow cupcakes with white frosting covered with coconut, blue frosted, yellow frosted and pink frosted. Soo many choices, too little time.

I had to let several people pass me in line, as I walked back and forth trying to decide which cake to order. Did I want to carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and nuts, should I get several of the mini-cakes or just two of the regular size? Finally, I had to make a decision. I’ll have one classic chocolate and a Koo Koo. Soon I had my box in my hand, and, as I passed all the others waiting in line I wondered, had I made the right decision, should I get more, could I come back tomorrow? And all this before I had even tasted a morsel.

Did they taste as good as they looked? Oh my yes, they did. These definitely are your mother’s cupcakes, well at least my mother’s cupcakes since my mother is one fine baker. They even have a website. You don’t suppose they will mail cupcakes to Connecticut do you? Hmm, I may just have to check that out! When you visit their website you will be able to read the story of Heather and Lori, two girls from Victoria who decided to change careers after 9/11, somehow they got the inspiration to try their hand at baking, and, luckily for us, they did. They are to cupcakes what Mrs. Fields is to cookies.


We took the no. 1 bus to the end of Davie and then walked north along Denman. They have now expanded to lots of other locations!!

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