Monday, September 8, 2014

France: Caveau de Englebourg Thann

The word caveau means wine cellar and that is exactly what this restaurant looked like. It was downstairs and had vaulted ceilings and stone and brickwork. The tables were set with crisp white tablecloths over rich burgundy. It had a warm feeling and our welcome certainly bore that out. This was the only restaurant where the chef came out and shook our hand and welcomed us after we were seated. A nice touch, we thought.

They served us some smoked salmon on bread with capers and cream cheese as a starter. We ordered a bottle of local Tokay wine to go with it so that we would at least try some from the area.

Al began his meal with "La croute Forestier" which was a puff pastry loaded with mushrooms in a creamy sauce. It was very, very good.

I had the Bisque du Hommard which is Lobster Bisque in any language. It came in a mini tureen piping hot, richly pink and delicious. It also was served with points of bread that screamed of garlic.

Bob and Joe had vegetable soup. It was yellow and very thick and looked like pea soup but tasted of mixed vegetables. Served hot with a basket of very crunchy bread.

Bob and I had the chicken with Reisling which was cooked in the wine. He got a leg; luckily, I got a breast. We were not consulted about our preferences. The vegetables were peas, turnip, red cabbage and whipped potatoes that had been browned under the grill.

Al and Joe had faux fillet which is sirloin but much tougher than at home. These guys both love their beef and they kept trying to find a steak they liked. I don't think they ever did.


Desserts were marvelous here. Bob ordered the Koghlof glacee hoping to get what Al had at the Hotel du Parc, it was basically the same but no alcohol. It definitely wasn't as good. Al had black forest cake with vanilla sauce which was just what it sounds like. But it was Joe and I who got the best desserts. I had Le gratin de fruite rouge and he had Le gratin de framboise with vanilla creme. These where basically fresh fruit with a crust on top served warm. They were excellent, I mean really excellent. I love fruit desserts anyway but these were fabulous.

Our service was very good, efficient, friendly but never intrusive. It was a very good dining experience.


  1. "La croute Forestier" which was a puff pastry loaded with mushrooms in a creamy sauce." Sounds wonderful!!

  2. It was wonderful, there is just something about rustic French cooking.