Thursday, September 18, 2014

Flashback Thurdays Charming Quebec City

Walk through the old city and spent some time shopping for Native American art, maple candy or wonderful local pastel drawings on the Rue de Tresor. There are many artist who catch the flavor of Quebec on paper and canvas or if you would rather have your picture drawn, this is also the place to do it. You will have a hard time choosing among the many artists who line the streets even at 10 night.
Martelo Tower in Battlefield Park, Quebec City
Quebec has been designated a historic heritage site by UNESCO and deservedly so. Visit the Musee de la Civilisation and Battlefield Park for history. It will help you to understand why the French Canadians cling so fiercely to their heritage and their language. Enjoy  the only fortified city in North America. Make sure you walk through one of the remaining gates in the wall.  You can walk atop the 2.5 mile wall or take a caleche (horse drawn carriage) ride through the narrow streets.

Stroll along Dufferin Terrace, have coffee at the Chateau Frontenac, be entertained by the buskers who abound and just relax as you watch the ships travel up the St Lawrence.

Take the funicular from the upper to lower city. It gives a unique perspective of the relation between the two areas of the city and the house where it ends in the lower city is historic in itself. It is the Louis Joliet House, he of Marquette and Joliet fame. While he is not my ancestor, he is the brother of my ancestress.
Visit Notre Dame des Victoires Church (Our Lady of the Victories), in the lower city and the antique stores along the Rue St Paul. While you are down here, visit the Farmers Market to get a taste of farm fresh delights and local wine. Take your time and absorb Quebec’s unique blend of old and new world charm.

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