Monday, October 13, 2014

Arriving in Rockford, Ill.

We drove from South Bend, Ind. to Rockford. I trusted our GPS. One of the these days I am going to go back to the old way of doing things, using a map because the GPS decided we would enjoy basically driving through downtown Chicago. Yes,  that was a lot of fun.

Add to that the problem with construction on the road and by the time we arrived we were just a little frazzled. 

I also had not considered the fact that we had changed time zones and we arrived very early for check in. We were lucky that the Courtyard had rooms already cleaned and the woman at the desk upgraded us so we had a lovely courtyard room where we could easily walk to the hot tub for a relaxing soak.

We went out for an early dinner. One of my online friends from Helium, Christine Zibas lives in Rockford and she suggested we go to Garretts for dinner. We actually got there about 4 p.m. for early dinner. We started with an app of chips and salsa which was very good. I had a salad with chicken and roasted peaches and Al had a burger with homemade potato chips. We were very pleased with all the food we got there. 

She also suggested the Egg Harbor Cafe for breakfast the next morning and again the food was excellent. 

We moved across the street to what would be our hotel for the next few days, the Hilton Garden Inn. 
The adventure begins.

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