Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cartier-Brebeuf National Historic Site in Quebec City

Just five miles from the old city of Quebec, Cartier-Brebeuf National Historic Site is the location of the first Jesuit missionary house and also the spot where Jacques Cartier wintered in 1535/36. The native American's had a settlement nearby called Stadacona.

Today, there are many things to do here. The park is a local favorite for enjoying  the all too brief warm summer sunshine. There are miles of walking and biking paths as well as plenty of things for visitors to enjoy. The park is just beautiful with great views all the way to the city. 
The St. Charles River and the Park
Park ranger giving us a tour

There is a museum at the visitor center and guided tours are available of the replica palisade that has been constructed on the site as well as ranger talks in the museum. 
The palisade

We enjoyed watching a family of ducks that we sunning by the river. 

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