Thursday, October 23, 2014

Flasback Thursday Amazing Montmerency Falls

I remember when I was a child, in the days before the Trans-Canada Highway, when we meandered along the south bank of the St. Lawrence River east of Quebec City trying to get a glimpse of Montmorency Falls. My mother told us that she and my father had gone there on their honeymoon and we wanted to see it.

It wasn't until I brought my own children there that I actually got close to the falls. You can walk across a bridge right over the falls. It makes me rather sick in my stomach to do it, it is wooden and you can see down between the boards, and it bounces but I do it anyway. 
Montmorency Falls are quite magnificent, taller than Niagara at 272 feet but of course, not nearly as wide. When you are on the lower level, the spray will soak you from quite a distance. On the top of the falls, there is no such problem. There are two ways to get from the bottom to the top, one is the aerial tram the other is the staircase. 

The other alternative is to park at Montmorency Manor  at the top of the falls and have brunch, lunch or dinner. You get magnificent views and very good food.

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