Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Join me as I tell you about my trip out to Rockford, Illinois

In the summer of 2013 Al and I hopped in our car and drove out to Rockford, Ill. We took it in easy stages. After Rockford, we went to the Quad Cities. we headed back into Illinois, then Indiana and finally Ohio.

It was a great trip. Some of the things we did I have already written about. I am now going to share some of the adventures that we had. If you saw the photos from this past Friday, they were from the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, Indiana.

Our first stop was in Clarion, Penn. It is about 4 hours from our cottage in Pennsylvania. While it wasn't an exciting stop, it was a little interesting. I will tell you all about it on my next post.

So come along with me, we are hitting the road and heading west.This photo shows us in the traffic as we passed very close to downtown Chicago, that alone was quite an adventure!!

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