Monday, October 20, 2014

Need to change direction

For the next few weeks I need to forget about doing the trip to the Midwest since I am in the midst of a laptop malfunction and my photos are located on my other laptop. Not to worry, they are backed up but I really don't want to download them all onto my older computer which has its own issues, which is why it not my current computer. 

I am going to regroup and I will be back to share more adventures once I figure out exactly what I am going to do. Stick around, I have lots of adventures to share and I may just do a live blog as I travel through Virginia.
I just thought I would throw in a photo. This is the church tower of the parish church in West Walton, Norfolk. My ancestors the Ollards lived in the parish and I was here to check up on them. That is our little rental car parked in front of the tower. You may have noticed the tower is not attached to the church, I like that.

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