Friday, October 10, 2014

Photo Friday-South Bend Indiana

The South Bend Art Museum
 South Bend was the first major city that we stayed in on our way to Rockford, Ill. Father Joe suggested with visit the art museum, however I didn't realize he meant the one on the campus of Notre Dame. So I visited the local art museum first. It doesn't have much in International art but it is a great place to see some more local artists.
We are now on the campus of Notre Dame. Knute Rockne statue near the stadium.

Al at the Studebaker Museum

The Center for History

The James Oliver Room at the Oliver Inn

The Oliver Inn in South Bend

Tippecanoe Place Mansion and Restaurant

Caprese salad at Tippecanoe Place Restaurant
We only had one night in South Bend and it definitely deserves much more than that. Hopefully we will get to return.

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