Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What exactly is a Media Showcase

The reason that we went to Rockford, Ill. in the first place was so that I could attend the "Media Showcase". This was a chance for the city of Rockford , Ill. to present itself to a variety of travel writers and they did a very good job of that. It is also speed-dating for travel writers and CVBs (convention and visitor centers) from around the country to meet and arrange visits. You get 15 minutes together to exchange information. It is all very hectic and fun. 

This was Tuesday, the speed-dating begins on Wednesday morning. This first afternoon we had the option to take a fam tour (familiarization) and that is what Al and I did. My tour was included because I am a writer, Al's I paid for as part of a fee that included a bunch of things. 

We hopped on a bus and were taken to Midway Village Museum. The wonderful thing about any press trips like this is that we get special treatment and get taken on guided to tours etc. I plan to do a separate entry about Midway Village Museum so I won't get into it now but it is a fascinating place with a very nice museum and the historic house. 

After we toured the village we were taken shopping and I absolutely loved this store, it has everything you could possibly want except Al said, fishing equipment but I found it the perfect place to start my Christmas shopping. 

We ended up back at the hotel with time to rest for a few minutes and change for supper. We ate at a catered venue down along the river and honestly were treated like royalty. Being a travel writer is a tough life!!

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