Saturday, November 22, 2014

American Girl Store in Natick, Mass.

What little girl hasn't dreamed of going to the American Girl Store? For one little girl, this dream came true on Saturday, November 15, 2014. Located in the Natick Mall, the store is not as overwhelming as I expected.You do have to enter from the exterior so keep that in mind when looking for parking. 
Two American Girls

On the first floor are the special dolls, those that have a name. I was proud to see that Isabelle appears to be one of the newest and most popular dolls. The Bitty Babies and the Bitty Twins are also on the first floor. 

It is so hard not to be distracted by all the lovely things around you. My youngest granddaughter Sydney seemed to be able to keep her wits about her as she walked from one display to another. She touched, she looked and enjoyed. She took her time and didn't make any snap decisions. 

On the upper floor are all the dolls that only have a number but who you can get to look like your own American Girl. Syd brought her doll with her and we went to the hair salon where they will also pierce the ears of your doll. You pay at the register and they give you 3 pairs of earrings and place one in the dolls ears. 

There is also a cafe where you can have lunch. Kasey made reservations well in advance so that we could have a very special lunch. It really is special, you order an appetizer and a main course for a set price and the food was really very good. I enjoyed a cappuccino and Syd has mini ice cream cones for dessert. Of course, her doll dined with us.

It was a wonderful day and Syd was able to pick her Christmas presents.

Natick is close to Boston and right off of the Mass. Turnpike at exit 13.

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