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Pizza in New Haven, Conn. is special

Pizza is big business in New Haven, Connecticut.  There are many pizza restaurants but when it comes to which is the best, two names will always come up, Frank Pepe's and Sally's. Both of these are venerable institutions and they offer their customers a unique and delicious dining experience.

Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletano
157 Wooster St

In 1925  Frank Pepe decided that the best pizza came from an oven that was fired by coal.  89 years later it is still being done the same way that he thought best so long ago. Part of the charm and what makes these pizzas so special is that fact that they are never crowded in the ovens no matter how busy it gets, and be assured, it does get busy. Too many pies in the oven, brings the temperature of the oven down and that will affect the way the crusts crisp up. The crusts here are thin, thin and chewy, just the way the residents of New Haven like it.

If you are looking for gourmet and unique combinations of ingredients you will have to go somewhere else. Not much has changed here in 89 years and you are not going to be getting things that Frank Pepe would not have been offering his customers. You will want to have your pie with mozzarella and you can add salami, meatballs, sausage and plenty of vegetable options. The specialty of the house is the white clam pizza. Whatever you chose, expect that there will be a line out the doors and you need to be prepared to wait. 

Sally’s Apizza
237 Wooster Street

Compared to Frank Pepe's Sally's is a youngster with on 76 years of business. Since 1938 this restaurant has been operated by the same family and they do things the same way they always have. Be prepared to wait in line and revel in the slow service, it is all part of the experience. 

Sally’s is proud of the fact that they serve only pizza, soda, beer, coffee, tea and hot chocolate, and also of the fact that a lot of famous people have chosen to get their pizza fix in New Haven at their restaurant. You can see all the memorabilia on the walls of the restaurant once you get inside.

The basic pizza is simple, thin crust with tomato sauce. If you want cheese you need t order it with cheese. Toppings include mozzarella and anchovy, meatball, sausage and even tuna. If you want a white pizza it can be made with sliced fresh tomatoes and cheese.

To date, the controversy over who makes the best pizza in New Haven is still raging. The only way it can be resolved is for you to get in line at Frank Pepe’s and at Sally’s and try it for yourself. You will never be able to convince anyone who disagrees with your choice, but arguing over pizza has become quite an art in New Haven.

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