Monday, January 5, 2015

Belgium-More interesting than we ever imagined

One year in January, we actually spent two weeks in Belgium. When I told some of my friends, they looked at me in confusion, Why Belgium?  I think in order to explain I need to give you a little history of Belgium and information about the country. 

Belgium as a country is relatively young, the kingdom began in 1830 with Prince Albert' s (Queen Victoria's husband)  uncle Leopold as the first king. Before that, it had a very tumultuous history and it is the country that has the most battlefields in Europe, quite a telling fact. 

Belgium is really two countries that were combined into one. Flanders is the Dutch-speaking part of the country and the rest of the country speaks French. Many famous old masters were Flemish which is another reason to visit, the great art. 
So, why spend two weeks in Belgium? Because it is a fascinating country and dah, the home of the real Belgian waffle and some of the best chocolate in the world.

Where to stay:

Van Hercke Bed and Breakfast

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