Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year let's plan a vacation

Most people don't think of January as the ideal time to go on vacation. If you have children in school, then I understand you can't do this. However, if the kids are gone or non-existent, then Janaury has a lot to offer. 

I am not just talking about heading to the warm weather in Florida or the Caribbean either. We have been to England at least 10 times in January as well as Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Did we freeze? Obviously not we are still here and we keep going back for more. 
Eating Fondue in Switzerland

The coldest place I have ever been was Caen, France. Yes it was cold, the wind seemed to cut right through our coats. We were dressed accordingly however, we had hats, thermal underwear, gloves and scarves. When we got really chilled we found a tea shop and warmed ourselves from the inside out. 

Heidelberg with a light snow falling was beautiful and watching skaters in Salzburg is still one of my fondest memories. We have walked through the Louvre with no crowds whatsoever and been able to enjoy almost having Bruges to ourselves. That is the benefit of traveling in January along with some of the best rates you will ever find. Bed and breakfast with 3 nights for the price of 2, free meals thrown in and lots more.

Antwerp in January
It isn't just Europe either, we have done Savannah and Charleston, Tennessee, Texas and last year Virginia. Same reasons, same benefits, just closer to home. 

So I will see you on Monday as we begin our adventure. 

I plan to take you along with me on some of my past January adventures since this year I am staying at home.

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