Sunday, February 22, 2015

Let's Visit Ireland for a few posts

How about a little change of scenery. Let's head to the Emerald Isle. I have visited Ireland 3 times. The first time was 19 years ago when Al and I went alone on a genealogical search for my ancestors. We began in  County Offlay where the Genealogical Center was for the former Kings and Queens Counties at Tullamore. 

While I only found one very small thing, Julia Tallent's baptism in Raheenahoran, it was an important finding especially since her mother was Mary Moran. Many of my O'Connell ancestors have Moran's as god-parents, most likely cousins it would seem.

From there we spent one day in Dublin and then drove south stopping at the Rock of Cashel. It was quite a lucky stop since it was once a Donahue stronghold, who knew?

From there we spent two days in Killarney which is Donahue central. This was the first place in Ireland that touched me in an emotional way. I don't have scanned pictures from this trip, but one day I will scan them and add them to this post.

Instead I will include a photo from one of my other two visits. This pub is in Dublin.

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