Monday, April 6, 2015

A charming Dublin hotel-Pembroke Townhouse

When we are in Dublin we do have a favorite hotel. It combines a very nice location with warmth, charm and comfort. What more could anyone ask? Reasonable price? Well it offers that too along with a delicious breakfast. 

Pembroke Townhouse is within walking distance to most everything you will want to see in Dublin. On our first visit there I was able to walk to Marion Square and the Catherine McCauley Center easily. Now, however, with my terrible knees I need to take a cab but that is easily arranged and well worth the effort. 

You do however need to be able to walk up some rather steep front stairs carrying your luggage unless you happen to be driving and then you can take the elevator from the car park in the rear of the hotel. The hotel does not have a bell boy but the desk staff will assist you if you have a problem. I just felt awkward asking a young girl to tote my heavy bag. But obviously we managed and not only managed but return time and again. 

This is a small hotel, only 48 rooms. Actually, I am surprise that it has that many, it often seems more like a bed and breakfast. Because it is small, the staff gets to know you by name and greet you when you come and go. It does feel like your home in Dublin. 

Rooms are European in size so smaller that what we are used to in the US but comfortable and well appointed with ensuite bathrooms and the usual amenities. There is a small store of food available for purchase from staff as well as drinks in the lobby. 

Speaking of the lobby, there are comfortable sofas and chairs for gathering in front of the fireplace and tea and biscuits will be served to you in the afternoon on request.

Try to choose a rate that includes breakfast, it is lovely. There are the usual continental items to help yourself from and then you chose your cooked meal from a menu. You can have a traditional Irish fry, steel cut oatmeal and even pancakes. We never miss breakfast. 

I am quite sure you will love this hotel as much as we do and this is the sort of treasure that you almost hate to tell anyone about because they might get so popular you won't be able to get a room next time you want one. 

All I can say is we love this place and wouldn't want to stay anywhere else.

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