Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Head to South Bend, Indiana for summer fun

Featured Event
South Bend's 150th Birthday Bash

As of May 22, 2015, the city of South Bend will be 150 years old, and we will be celebrating with the ultimate sesquicentennial birthday bash! The weekend-long celebration will take place all over downtown South Bend, with great live music from several artists including Ben Folds, food, family-friendly activities and more filling each day and night.

Featured Attraction
South Bend Cubs

Spring has sprung in South Bend Mishawaka, and with it comes one of our community's favorite activities... baseball season! This year marks the South Bend Cubs' inaugural season at Four Winds Field, and it has already proven to be one that should not be missed!

Four Winds Field features a 360-degree concourse, inflatable Kids' Zone, playground and splash pad, delicious food and drinks, many seating options and Tiki Hut for the grown ups.

Featured Exhibit
Lincoln's Final Journey

The Studebaker National Museum is home to the largest Presidential Carriage collection, with one that holds more history than most would realize - the carriage President Abraham Lincoln rode in to Ford's Theatre the night of his assassination. As South Bend celebrates its 150th birthday this year, the Studebaker National Museum will honor the 150th anniversary of that somber event with the special exhibition, "Lincoln's Final Journey: A Nation Mourns," opening June 19 through October 31.

We'd be remiss to not address the recent RFRA controversy that swept through our state a few weeks ago. Our community, and our organization, was at the forefront of making sure people understand that what was happening in the State House did not, and does not, reflect the outlook of our community or many in our state. 

This graphic - which can be seen in the windows of local businesses - says it all, as does THIS MESSAGE from South Bend's mayor, Pete Buttigeg.
Information  provided by Visit South Bend Mishawaka

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