Thursday, July 23, 2015

Flashback Thursday: Dining at a French cafeteria

When we stayed at the Holiday Inn at the Toison D'Or Shopping Center we ate our first nights dinner at the hotel. While it was okay, it was nothing special and like most hotel restaurants was a little pricey. Since we had arrived a little late and totally exhausted from having been lost and trying to find our way here, we were glad not to have to worry about food. 

The second night, we ventured into the mall to see what they had to offer and we discover the cafeteria. One thing I have to say, cafeterias in France are quite common, well priced and have amazingly good food. 

Like most cafeterias you grab your tray and head for the salad and appetizers. It is sold by weight so be careful about what you put on your plate. Be warned, when we were here, no one spoke English so you need to at least know how to read French to order your meal. The meat will be cooked to order if it is a steak or fish etc.

I ordered the choucroute which is an Alsatian dish of ham, sauerkraut, sausage and potatoes. it was good enough that I ordered it again the second night.

They have lots of dessert choices and an ice cream bar. You will be surprised just how economical it is to eat here.

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