Monday, October 12, 2015

The Irish House Party Lansdowne Hotel Dublin

If you happen to choose to stay at the Pembroke TownhouseHotel, which by the way I highly recommend you do, you will be just a short walk, think two blocks, from the Lansdowne Hotel which offers a unique dining and entertainment venue called The Irish House Party. It consists of a three course meal with coffee or tea and an evening of Irish music and traditional Irish dancing.

The Irish House Party was begun by award winning Irish artists who felt that the entertainment being offered wasn’t true to Irish tradition and in their words was “twee” (too adorable for its own good). They want to keep the traditions alive while engaging the audience and encouraging participation.

First the food. You have three choices of starter, we both had the salad with Cashel bleu walnuts and balsamic dressing. It was perfection on a plate. Four entrée choices are offered including beef stew with Guinness, salmon, roast chicken and a vegetable packet. We had the stew and the vegetable packets, again both excellent.

We also got some delicious soda bread baked by Ann Marie Doyle who was expediting service at the meal. Service was quite flawless considering we figured there were perhaps 80 people present. 

Dessert was chocolate cake or ice cream and it was quite pedestrian.

After a short break the party begins. The entertainment was exception. Fiona was the dancer and performed I believe three times during the hour and a half of entertainment. There are some Irish songs you will recognize, some sung in Gaelic and plenty of banter back and forth between the members. You will find yourself singing along with some songs and it is encouraged that you do so.

All in all this was an excellent evening of both food and entertainment and I would not hesitate to do it again and to recommend that if you are in Dublin you make The Irish House Party  one of your must do things.

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