Monday, November 9, 2015

Why You May Be Better Off in a Hotel than a Bed and Breakfast

A hotel may be a better choice than a bed and breakfast for those people who are looking for services that only a hotel can provide. While many inns and bed and breakfasts offer similar services, they are unique and unlike hotels, no two will be exactly the same. For those who want predictability, a hotel provides a better option.

1. Services

Hotels offer services that are family friendly including but not limited to swimming pools, games rooms or arcades, vending machines and room service. While not all hotels offer all of these services, with some careful planning you should be able to find a hotel that offers exactly what you and your family need. 

2. Restaurant

Most bed and breakfasts don’t serve any meals except for breakfast. There are some exceptions but most large chain hotels will have at least one if not more dining options. Hotels such as Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton and Hyatt will almost universally offer several dining options and a bar or pub. This is great especially if you don’t want to have to drive out looking for a restaurant. Lower end hotels however, may not have a restaurant either. 

3. Laundry facilities

Many hotels offer the option to either use a self-service laundry on site or to have your clothes sent to the laundry or dry cleaner by the hotel staff.

4. Pet friendly

If you prefer to travel with your four legged friend or friends, a hotel is a much better choice of accommodation than a bed and breakfast. Several major chains will not only welcome pets they offers special services just for them. 

5. Cancellation policy

Most hotels allow you to cancel your room up to the day of arrival at 5pm. At a bed and breakfast, this is not the case. Most will not refund your money if you cancel on short notice. They are smaller and a cancellation is much more difficult for them to absorb than a hotel. If your plans are not rock solid, a hotel may be a better choice. 

6. When you don’t want to mingle

There are times when you just don’t want to worry about having to socialize with either your host or hostess and other guests. At these times, a hotel is the better choice. In most hotels no one will try to engage you in conversation and when you meet other people in the elevator or hall, most just lower their eyes and don’t make eye contact. If you want to be alone a hotel is best.

These are just some of the reasons that you may prefer a hotel to a bed and breakfast. If however you want a unique and individual experience where you will be called by name, enjoy a delicious breakfast and good company, then consider using a bed and breakfast or inn.

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