Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Derbyshire: Derby Cathedral Center

Located across Iron Gate from the Cathedral this Centre offers more than just your regular gift shop. They also have a sweet little coffee/tea shop and in the basement the Cathedral Treasury.

Let’s start with the gift shop, it isn’t just your regular gift shop, yes there are religious items, prayer books bibles and the like but there are also local products and crafts. Since it was early January there were some very good sales on Christmas items, in fact, I bought some very English Christmas cards if you are on my list you may just get one next year. There were also sharply discounted Christmas puddings and cakes. I did look over the local jellies, jams, and chutneys as well but the packaging was just too generous to make carrying them practical. They also have the usual tea towels postcards and souvenir items that you would expect.

We stopped at the restaurant to get a bite to eat since it was after 2:30 and we were a bit peaked. I ordered a bowl of their tomato and red pepper soup with a grainy roll. Al had a jacket potato with cheddar cheese that was so buried under the cheese it was hard to find the potato. Cubby had the same as Al and Joe had a jacket potato with just butter. For dessert Al and I shared a piece of very good lemon cake, it tasted homemade. They had a full range of sandwiches and melts as well as a couple of hot food choices. If you want to have lunch here you must arrive by 2:30, afterward, they only serve tea, they do however serve breakfast.

On the lower level is the treasury of the Cathedral. There are some chalices from the Cathedral as well as some from other parishes in the Diocese which are kept here for safe keeping. You will also get to see the Bishops crosier. There is nothing outstanding down here but it is worth giving it a look all the same. Among their treasures are a bible from the reign of Elizabeth 1, some Medieval fabrics, 18th century Exeter plate and a Charles I prayer book. Everything was not on display when we were there but I am sure it rotates.

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