Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Breakpoint Antwerp

This is a small croissanterie. We had indulged in the breakfast buffet at the hotel and for the very high price found it lacking. We decided to find somewhere else to have breakfast. This is two or three blocks south of the Grote Markt. We were getting a little desperate to find some place by the time we wandered in. There is not a breakfast restaurant on every corner in Antwerp.

I had a mokka which was a tiny little cup of expresso with chocolate in it. It woke me up that’s for sure. I had two pastries with it; they were very light and sweet sort of like a Danish. Al and Bob had appleflaps, which are basically apple turnovers that they warm up for you. They were delicious. Joe had pain chocolate; he always has pain chocolate. The men all had hot chocolate with their meal. 

We also got bottles of orange juice. This is obviously a local joint. Even at 10am, people were coming in and getting their lunches on the way to work. Their case of full of delicious looking baguettes stuffed with meat, cheese and vegetables. This was very good fast food and the price was very cheap.

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