Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A delightful stop at The Rumor Mill Market in Davidson, North Carolina

Are you someone who will base a trip around someplace that you want to visit? I am. I was watching Tiny House Big Living on HGTV one time last summer and they were decorating one of the tiny houses. They went to a store called The Rumor Mill Market. 

I had no idea where it was located but a Google search showed that it was in Davidson, NC. I popped up a google map of Davidson and found that it was just a mile off of I-77 which is the route we travel from Connecticut to Florida. It is near Lake Norman which was familiar to me since we stayed in Mooresville last year.  

Jeanne and Scot opened The
Rumor Mill Market three years ago and it has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since. It now occupies the space of three former businesses in an industrial building near the Depot on Depot Street. It is also an easy walk from the Davidson Village Inn.

If you like shabby chic, antiques, creative home d├ęcor or just interesting shopping, this is the place for you. At this time about 85 dealers are offering their items in booths throughout the building. They have also added a coffee bar where you can get a drink to sustain you for your shopping.

The booths offer a wide variety of items from crafts to vintage linens. I loved the items made by women in Thailand from Napada and spent a good 10 minutes just looking through the luggage tags, purses, small bags and other items. I love to help woman to support themselves.

I will admit that I started buying almost as soon as I entered the door. It is hard not to find something that will grab your eye and just beg you to be taken home. Even though I am traveling, I was unable to resist and I purchased at least six items and was barely able to stop at that.

I highly recommend that if you are going to be anywhere in the area, you stop by and browse through. I am sure you will find something that you didn’t know you needed.

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