Monday, April 11, 2016

Radisson Blu Farnham Estate Cavan Ireland

Everyone has talents, I have a talent for finding and booking great hotels. I may not be able to sing or dance, but if you want to find a hotel that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime, talk to me!! I just seem to have a magic touch. The Radisson Blu Farnham Estate was as the name implies, a former estate. It is located just a little outside of Cavan Town and provides a very high standard of luxury while not being at all stuffy and formal.

You have the option of staying in the original mansion and that is what we requested. I actually asked for a room that faced the front lawn and we also had that. To say that we were impressed from the moment we arrived is both an understatement and an overstatement. About the only thing I didn’t like was the parking situation. Only handicap parking is allowed close to the house and even though we had a handicap sticker, there were no spots open so we had had to park in the lot which is farther than most people would like.

What you do is to get out your luggage and go to the covered waiting area and call the house and they send the van down to pick you up. It works but it also means that every time you want to leave the property, which we did with great regularity, you had to take the van and sometimes that involves a wait. In the grand scheme of things however, this is a very small annoyance.

Our room was not ready for us when we arrived. We were escorted to a lovely private parlor to wait and then escorted to our room. To say it had breathtaking views from immense windows is a gross understatement. It was just stunning and I think we both took a moment to just take in our gorgeous view and the room itself. Even the bathroom had a stunning view!!

The floors were wood and appeared to be original which would make them several hundred years old. The wall facing the bed had a fireplace as well but I have to admit I am not sure if it works, we never even talked about it when we were there.

We had twin beds and after sorting out who would get which bed, Kathy requested the one nearest the window so she could have fresh air to keep her cool, which was perfectly fine with me. We then each picked a wardrobe and unloaded our suitcases. I was so happy to have my clothes back that I was hugging each piece as I either hung it up or placed it in a drawer.

Our room was spacious and included a seating area with a large low table and a huge desk which become my writing area. The bathroom was probably the biggest I have ever had and I have some that were very impressive. We each had out own sink and of course our own robes. The tub was huge and I did enjoy a long soak one night.

We could make our own coffee and tea in the room and part of our welcome was a small bag of fresh cookies and a note from the management welcoming us.  We loved everything about staying here. 

The staff is unfailingly exceptional, not just sweet and helpful but funny and engaging. We ate here every night,  that was by choice. The food was good and the best meal we had in Ireland we had here on our last night. I will write another article about our dining experiences here.

The grounds offer plenty of opportunities to walk around and we did take advantage of the gorgeous landscape. Beyond that, this is a resort!! It has a very popular golf course and a spa. The spa is so popular that we just could not manage to get an appointment. I would make sure to book that ahead of time before I returned here. It was my own fault, they do recommend that you book ahead but we didn’t want to tie ourselves down to a set schedule before we arrived.

The hotel also has an infinity pool. Kathy did go down and enjoy a swim, I was just too tuckered and I didn’t go but I wish I had. Another thing that I loved about this hotel is before we even left the United States they called me and asked if there were any reservations they could secure for me. That is when I should have booked the spa!!

I would recommend this hotel to anyone who plans to visit Cavan and I would love to return for a visit and I can’t even imagine why I would want to stay anywhere else unless price was a serious consideration. Staying here is not inexpensive but it is worth every penny and the rooms in the modern addition are much less expensive than our suite but I was looking to create a lifetime of memories for Kathy and I succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. 

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