Monday, May 2, 2016

Enjoying the amenities at a luxury hotel

Have you always dreamed of a luxury hotel stay? While everyone may not enjoy staying at a luxury hotel, for many it will be dream come true. It can cost quite a lot, be a little intimidating and perhaps take you out of your comfort zone, it will also expose you to luxurious amenities that most budget hotels can't offer.

 Valet parking

As you drive up to your hotel you will notice that the valet will be taking your car from you and the doorman will be opening the door. No worrying about where and how to park your car. Your luggage will and you will be greeted by the bell-staff who will whisk your luggage away.

When you have checked in. it will mysteriously reappear and be taken to your room for you. You are already feeling like royalty. Dress to impress and feel free to act like this is something you do every day. Also, don't forget to have some small bills handy, tipping is expected and appreciated.

Luxurious bedding

Once you have reached your room you will notice the difference between a budget hotel and a luxury hotel immediately. You will have luxurious bedding on your bed and perhaps even a pillow menu which allows you to order just the type of pillow that you prefer. Throw yourself on that gorgeous bed to find out that this is likely to be the most comfortable bed you have ever laid down on.
In-room folder
Chateau Frontenac Quebec City

Your in-room folder will tell you all the options that are available to you. You can enjoy the bottled water with your ice bucket. At most luxury hotels if you want ice you will call the front desk and it will be delivered to you, most luxury hotels don’t have the proverbial ice machine.

Your in-room folder will tell you about the room service dining options. If your luxury hotel has a spa, you will want to take advantage of the services they offer. Some luxury hotels offer in-room spa services, others only in spa services.


Don’t forget to open your closet, most upscale accommodations provide cushy robes and even slippers so that you can lounge around your room in luxury. Is this a romantic getaway, many also offer romance packages that can provide chocolate covered strawberries, champagne and even romantic lotions and potions.

Concierge service

One of the best options that a luxury hotel offers is concierge service. The concierge can provide you with a variety of services. Do you want tickets to a show or event? Talk to the concierge. Most of them have connections and they are able to provide even hard to get tickets. Do you want to find just the perfect tour? Again talk to the concierge, he can arrange for pickup and tickets for the perfect tour.

Want to eat at the most popular restaurant in town? The concierge may be the only way for you to get a table. Don’t forget to tip him for any special services he or she provides.


Dining at a luxury hotel is often among the best available in town. You may need to make reservations for dining when you reserve your room, especially for things such as the Sunday brunch.

Dining at Farnham Estate

Turn-down service

Turn-down service is also a wonderful luxury provided. Your bed will be prepared for you and usually some sort of a sweet treat will be placed on your pillow. Some hotels even lay out your robe and slippers. Romantic music will be playing and the lights will have been dimmed. You are going to think, "I could get used to this".

Staying at a luxury hotel stay not be fore everyone but if you can afford it, it can give you the experience of a lifetime. I know that I have stayed at a few and most recently, the Farnham Estate in Cavan, Ireland offered all of these amenities in a stunning setting. It is worth paying extra to enjoy it!!

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