Monday, August 8, 2016

Quebec: Huron Traditional Site ONHOÜA CHETEK8E

Located on the Wendat Huron reservation, Onhoua Chetek8e is a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about the history of the Huron, past and present.

Guided tours are offered in French, English, and Spanish at specified times. When you enter the village and pay, you will make several choices. You can go for the complete experience that also includes food and a performance or a more standard entrance fee which includes the guided tour. They will tell you when the next tour in your language will be offered and where to meet the guide.

The tour takes about 45 minutes was very informative. You move around through the village to different locations to actually see what your guide is talking about. We sat in a canoe at one point as we talked about the many ways that the Huron got around.

Since we have a little Micmac in our DNA this was very interesting for us in particular. They definitely showed up on the map of where the Huron can be found in the Province of Quebec.

While we were waiting for the tour to start, we enjoyed a short performance by two young dancers.

After your tour is over you can walk about the village at your leisure to spend more time at any of the displays that were of particular interest to you.

Amie went back to look at the "three sisters" the way that Native American plant their gardens. 

Allow about an hour and a half to visit here if you are not taking the full experience. The restaurant here serves so really interesting Native American food if you are adventurous.

Onhoua Chetek8e is a very interesting place to visit and I really liked that we learned about the current life of the Wendat as well as the past. Our tour was small, just our 6 family members and one person from Switzerland. The French tour was huge. 

The gift shop is quite large and the prices were okay so be sure to visit. 

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