Monday, September 26, 2016

Popular fall camping destinations in the United States

Fall is a wonderful time to camp. Many campgrounds offer special fall activities along with their usual activities. The weather is one of the main factors in fall camping and unfortunately not every area of the United States is a good option for fall camping for this reason. Here are the top destinations in the US for fall camping in no particular order.


Alaska may seem like a surprise choice but when you consider that Alaska has a very long cold winter you will understand that campers in the area want to grasp the last bits of sunlight and days with comfortable temperatures. The colors will be beautiful and it is the perfect time to hike and appreciate all the wildlife and beauty of Alaska.

Denali National Park is especially popular as a place to camp and you may be able to combine camping with a tour that will introduce you to other aspects of Alaska. Keep in mind that color that far north will happen earlier than in other areas and plan accordingly.

New England

When you think of fall color and activities, many people consider New England the perfect destination. When it comes to camping it is just as popular. New Hampshire and Vermont are the most popular and they are known for their blaze of fall color as well as lots of activities that will keep you occupied outside of the campground.

No matter what your style of camping, tent, pop-up or RV there will be campgrounds in New England that are perfect for you. In addition, you will be able to enjoy visits to the apple orchards, country fairs and pumpkin festivals that the area is known for.


The area of Pennsylvania near Lancaster is known as the Pennsylvania Dutch Region and is very popular with campers. Not only will the weather be gorgeous, the colors will be bright and there will be lots of activities in the area.

There are apple cider mills, farmers markets and places where the kids can pick a pumpkin. This is a great historic area that is very close to Gettysburg and lots of the Civil War battlefield.

Great Lakes

Along the Great Lakes, there is a lot of fall color and some great campgrounds as well. This is an often overlooked area for people from other parts of the country but is well known for all it has to offer by locals. Whether you choose the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or one of the many Wisconsin cities you are sure to find a great place to do some fall camping while enjoying all the area has to offer.

Great Smokey Mountains

The Great Smokey Mountains is an area that covers several states and includes the Blue Ridge Parkway which is a great scenic road at any season but is an area of great natural beauty in the fall. There are campgrounds all along the Blue Ridge Parkway and you can choose from a diverse number of locations. Especially in Virginia, there are some great historic sites within an easy drive and also a foliage steam train.

The United States is a large country with a wide variety of destinations for the fall camper to choose from. These popular fall camping destination in the U.S. fill up quickly so be sure to make your reservations early.

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