Thursday, October 6, 2016

Stonewall Jackson Hotel Staunton, Va.

Travelers to Virginia will notice that they see the name of Stonewall Jackson in many different locations. He is a native son, Confederate General and a martyr to the “Cause”. In Staunton, Va. the most historic hotel in town is the Stonewall Jackson. It is located on a high spot making it visible as you drive into the downtown area. If you are staying at the hotel, don’t try to drive around to the front, drive straight into the town parking garage below the hotel, you need to take a card to enter but after that, your room card will get you in and out.

You will take the elevator up to the lobby. Be sure to choose the elevator that says it goes to the hotel, there is another one that doesn’t. Once you are in the beautiful lobby you can check in and take a different elevator to get up to your room.

We love this hotel; it is lovely with a friendly staff and very clean and comfortable rooms. The rooms are not overly spacious and the bathrooms are quite small but everything is in excellent repair and there are plenty of windows to keep the rooms light and bright. They are not all identical; we have stayed here several times and noticed that there are various styles of room which is usual in these older and non-chain hotels.

We had a king bed on this trip and while it made the room a little tighter than the queen, it was very comfortable and exactly what we wanted. There is a desk in the room and an open closet area. The TV gets a wide selection of channels and the WiFi is fast and strong. Most of all it is quiet, an occasional train whistle may break the silence but nothing to disturb your sleep.

The location of the hotel is hard to beat. It is next door to the Blackfriars Playhouse, above the Visitor Center and within walking distance of most of the best restaurants and coffee shops in town. There are also plenty of shops from thrift and antiques to flowers and healthy food within a couple of blocks.

Rates are very competitive and depending on the time of year can be a downright bargain. In January they were definitely a bargain. If you are planning a visit to Staunton, Va., I highly recommend that you consider staying at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel. Not only is it historic, it is everything that you could want in comfort and service.

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