Monday, October 3, 2016

Top Canada foliage destination

When the weather starts to turn cool and the days get shorter, the leaves from sea to shining sea in Canada begin to turn to shades of gold, orange, and red. All across this massive country people are taking to the roads to view the colors of fall. Here are a few suggestions for finding the best fall foliage in Canada.

When it comes to sheer volume of color, you will be hard pressed to find anywhere that compares to  New Brunswick. There are more different varieties of trees in New Brunswick than anywhere in Canada. You will find both hardwoods and softer woods and that combined with the evergreens produces a show that anyone will enjoy viewing in the fall. Color will be at its peak, most years during early October.

A drive through New Brunswick should be combined with visits to their farmer's markets or apple orchards and other attractions for a wonderful weekend or even a week. Route 17 offers great opportunities for leaf leaping as does the Fundy Trail. There are several Provincial parks that offer a chance to enjoy the great outdoors while getting your fill of the colors of fall.

The Province of Quebec is home to the Laurentian Mountains and with them the opportunity to view the magnificent colors of fall. Whether you choose to dive along the St Lawrence River from the area of Quebec City to Montreal or the reverse you will find a visual feast for the eyes. Closer to the larger cities there are also parks where you can enjoy all the attractions of the city while viewing the colors.

Fall comes early in the Province of Quebec and you can start to enjoy the foliage as early as September with the peak coming at the end of the month. You could easily enjoy a drive east through Quebec to Gaspe and then head south into New Brunswick to combine the best that the eastern part of Canada has to offer.

Ontario offers great color as well. They even offer a website to tell you the best places to view it. Whether you want to check out the parks in the capital city of Ottawa or head to the Haliburton Highlands, Algonquin Provincial Park or the Muskoka Region you are guaranteed to see some fabulous color.

The western provinces have the Rocky Mountains, especially Alberta. There are two Canadian National Parks Banff and Jasper where serious leaf peepers can go a fix of fall foliage. In this area, there is not the variety of trees that you find in the eastern provinces but the aspens offer a nice flash or color. There are several fall fairs that would make a nice compliment to any fall foliage trips in Alberta.

The western provinces offer a totally different leaf experience than the eastern ones. It's all about the spectacular mountains and the blue sky with a splash of fall color. For the best color shows head east but for drama, the west has it in abundance.

Canada is a vast country and the landscape and the foliage vary from one province to the other. From September through October you will find a mix of great color and great activities to make your visit one you will remember. Chose one of these top foliage destinations in Canada or choose your own, you can't make a bad choice.

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