Monday, December 19, 2016

Packing for a winter getaway

Packing for a winter getaway in a cold climate requires bringing many things that are not necessary when traveling to warmer locations. Depending on how you are traveling, the weight of your luggage may be an issue. It is important to keep that in mind when choosing both the luggage itself and the items that are absolutely required.

Footwear can be one of the bulkiest items that you will need to pack. As a rule of thumb, wear the bulkiest pair and pack the others. A comfortable pair of boots is a perfect choice. They work well with just about any pair of slacks except very dressy outfits. They should be able to take any weather conditions, don’t choose a pair that will be ruined by snow or rain. If you plan to dress in the evening, tuck one pair of dress shoes into your suitcase. This works for both men and for women.

Dressing in layers is a good way to deal with cold weather travel. Plan to wear your jacket or coat onto the plane if you will be flying. On the plane, you will be removing your coat. Wear a vest or a sweater with a turtleneck or shirt underneath. The more than you actually wear, the less you have to pack. Jeans are a good choice for bottoms. They can be dressed up or down. If the weather will be very cold where you are traveling, you may want to bring along some silk thermal underwear. They are very thin and are invisible when worn under clothes and add a much-needed layer of warmth.

For a week you will need at least 2 additional bottoms. Try to confine yourself to one color palette so that clothes are interchangeable. You will need a week's worth of underwear. The good news is that perspiration usually isn’t as big an issue in a cold climate. Unless you spill something on yourself, you should be able to use your clothes more than once.

One way to maximize your packing space is to tuck your socks inside of your extra pair of shoes.You can also use space bags to reduce the size of your bulkier items. Travel bags don't need a vacuum to remove the air, it can be done by rolling or applying pressure to the bag.

When it comes to tops, turtlenecks are versatile. They add some color, come in a variety of materials and also pack well. The vest or sweater will change the outfits so that you will feel like you have more clothes with you than you actually do. For a week you can usually get by with four or five tops in a variety of weights. Don't forget to bring along a warm pair of gloves or two, a hat and a scarf.

You will, of course, bring the necessary toiletries and sleepwear. Just keep in mind that layering is the best way to be able to adjust to the temperature. Even if it is a cold destination, you may get a warm day and having all heavy wool sweaters with you can make for an uncomfortable day. With layers, you can add or remove as the weather dictates.

If you are going to be spending a great deal of time outdoors, warm socks are a must. The best way to stay warm is to have warm feet and a hat to keep the heat in.

The basic rules for power packing are to bring half of what you think you need, choose one color palette and if necessary buy some space bags and make the bulky items take less space. Lay your outfits out before you pack so that you see exactly what outfits you will have when you are done.

Every trip is different. Your wardrobe should reflect what you will be doing during the vacation. Just because the area you are going is in a cold climate doesn't mean that the weather will affect what you are wearing unless you plan to spend lots of time outdoors. If you will be indoors, it is irrelevant that it is cold outside and overdressing when walking through a museum or at the theater can be uncomfortable.

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