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New England maple festivals and celebrations

When it comes to maple trees, New England is the perfect place for them to grow and the residents of this area have taken advantage of the sweet syrup that flows through these trees since the beginning of the colonies. Today, maple is celebrated in a variety of the ways and in many different locations.

Hebron, Connecticut is the home of the Hebron Maple Festival which takes place every year in March,  for 2017 March 18-19. By the time March rolls around, this part of the country is quite comfortable to do all the outdoor activities that are offered on this weekend.

It all begins with a pancake breakfast that is offered both mornings. Following breakfast, you have plenty of choices. There are tours of the sugar shacks, demonstrations to watch, lots of maple food items for sale and a whole lot more.

Hebron is located slightly more than 20 miles southeast of Hartford. Route 66 runs through the center of town crossed by route 85. Route 2 is the closed multi-lane road and is about 4 miles away. This historic town dates from 1708 and has a population of fewer than 9,000 residents.

For over 45 years, St. Albans, Vermont has been the home of the official Vermont Maple Festival. The festivities occur sometime between mid and late April, for 2017 April 28,29 and 30. 

St Albans is far north in Vermont and as you can see, it is much later than the festival that takes place in Connecticut almost 300 miles to the south. There is a  lot to do at this festival including an antique show, craft and specialty food show, entertainment for adults and children and of course lots of maple goodies to sample. There are demonstrations, sugar shack tours, pancake breakfast, sap run and many more activities. This is a popular event and people come from all over so make your reservations for accommodations early.

During the month of March, there are a variety of sugar houses in the State of New Hampshire that open to the public. It is a sweet time to visit the state. The Maple Producers in the state have put together a calendar of maple events. 

In Skowhegan, Maine the Annual Maple Festival will take place March 24-26, 2017 and lead right into the statewide Maple Sunday.  

Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts offers Maple Days in March . 

These are just some of the maple festivals in New England. Many smaller events and state wide days take place from February through April when the sap is running.

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