Monday, April 24, 2017

Planning your vacation to Austria

Austria is the home of the Alps, Viennese coffee and pastries, Mozart, The Sound of Music and Sissy. Planning a vacation to Austria is the dream of a lifetime and these websites can help you make that dream come true.

The Austrian National Travel Office has designed their website for travel professionals to help promote Austria to their clients. This can be everything from planning a corporate gathering to becoming an Austrian expert as a travel agent. Just because this is a site for professionals don’t assume it won’t be useful for the average traveler, there is still plenty of good information. One area for sure is the list of tour operators which if you need help with your planning is useful to help you choose an approved tour operator. This is where travel writers can find story ideas and make connections for possible travel assistance with a trip to Austria.

Got to Be Austria is the Austrian National Travel's official Site for travelers. The site is divided into four basic sections Discover, Plan, Search and Book and Basic Facts. You don’t have to click on any of these right away, the homepage is jam packed with articles and also activities that you may want to check out first or you can wait until a little later in the planning process.

You may want to start by signing up for the newsletter and downloading or requesting brochures, both of these can be done on the homepage as well as linking to the Facebook account. One nice thing about this website is the face that you can choose the size of the print right on the top of the header on the main page.

Clicking on discover will bring up another option, there are red slider between nature and culture, tradition and innovation. By moving the slider, different screens Slight moves of the slide move you to new pages which frankly is quite annoying, too much work and procession needed for a travel website, easier is always better. Skip this and go right on to planning and get the more typical options for searching. You will get the choice of culture and arts, nature and adventure, food and wine, people and traditions and rejuvenation. This is a very inclusive website with lots of information that will help you to make the best choices for your Austrian vacation.

If Vienna is the destination for your Austrian vacation, Welcome to Vienna will help you to get there, find your way around, book a wonderful accommodation, eat the delights that Vienna has to offer and enjoy all the entertainment that only the Viennese can provide. Whether it is music or shopping, history or pastry, you will find it in Vienna.

Salzburg is a World Heritage site and if Mozart and the Sound of Music appeal to you, this is the perfect city to provide you with a fantastic vacation. This website, will provide all the info you need to find out exactly what will make your Salzburg experience perfect.

The home page offers tabs on arts and culture, sights, accommodations, gastronomy, shopping, arrival and traffic and service. There is also a place to click for the Salzburg Card which will offer you lots of bang for your buck.

In southern Austria is the state of Carinthia and if you are considering making this your destination in Austria or even if you just want to find out if it appeals to you, this website is the perfect way to look at some of the small towns and activities has to offer. It is an area with over 200 lakes and ski slopes aplenty. Beyond just Carinthia, if you click around this site you can check on all the Austrian States and find out where to visit and what to do.

Innsbruck is the capital of the Alps and one of the most popular places to visit in Austria. 

This website has a lot of information to help with your planning. Tabs for sightseeing, events and festivals, dining and shopping, hotel rooms, winter sports, summer sports and getting there give you additional information. You will find enough information to keep you occupied for quite some time.

If Austria is your destination of choice for vacation, all of these websites can be of assistance in both choosing what you want to do and actually booking your room.

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