Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Stop at the Norman Rockwell Museum Stockbridge, MA. Home of Illustration Art

Talk about bad timing, we decided to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum on June 9, 2017. The exhibition Inventing America : Rockwell and Warhol opens on the 10th of June. Bummer. I could see some of the items in the exhibition through the open arches and it looks phenomenal, I will have to come back. It runs June to October. 

I am going to suggest that if you want to get the most from your visit you pay the extra $5 for the audio guide. It was excellent and we certainly enjoyed listening to Norman Rockwell's son tell us about his father. 

I think like most American's I know who Norman Rockwell is but I have never visited this museum before and now that I have I can't help asking myself "what were you waiting for"? It is a wonderful museum. He had as one person described him, the "eye of a camera". He could capture a moment in time and add so much detail to it that it could take hours to see it all, maybe even a lifetime. This museum has the largest of original work by Norman Rockwell in the world. 

The museum is not huge, it is very doable and the fact that there are several exhibits every year means that you can come again and again and it is always changing. You will see some covers from the Saturday Evening Post that are very familiar but there are also paintings that may be new to you. The Four Freedom's has its own room and deservedly so. 

Seating is provided throughout the museum and docent talks are also offered. We listened to the one at 1:30 p.m. and it was fascinating. An enthusiastic docent is a wonderful thing. 

We stopped to grab a sandwich in the cafe. The sandwiches and salads are catered by the Red Lion and the food is exceptionally good. They also have local SoCo ice cream, which I highly recommend. You can visit the artist's studio if you are interested and the grounds. 

The museum shop offers a fantastic selection of his prints in frames and without. Check out their website for upcoming exhibits. 

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