Monday, June 5, 2017

Cheap summer vacations for seniors

In the summertime, it can be hard to find cheap senior summer vacations, no matter where you live. At this time of year, children are on summer break and families are vacationing all over the world. Unless you are a senior who wants to vacation with your grandchildren or great grandchildren, chances are you would prefer to be somewhere other than where the hordes of kids are heading. 

This limits your choices to some extent but it does not mean that it is not possible to find a bargain. One of the positive features of the poor economy is that lots of bargains are being offered and many destinations are less crowded than usual.


A cruise is one of the cheapest vacations around and most seniors are well aware of that fact. There are some cruise lines that cater to families such as Disney and others like Carnival, who have a reputation as a party cruise line, whether deserved or not. One cruise line which really caters to the more mature crowd is Celebrity Cruises and Holland America is another with a more mature crowd especially on their Alaskan cruises.

In a 2012 American Express survey, it was estimated that on average, 2 adults would spend $337 per day for food and room while on vacation. When you consider a 7-day cruise can cost as little as $699 per person, you can see that this is indeed cheap since, in addition to food and room, entertainment is also included.

One of the most expensive parts of any vacation is the flight. This is, of course, true for seniors as well. This is one area where there really are very few senior discounts. The cheapest way to arrive at your vacation destination is to drive. Most seniors drive. Keep in mind that a senior is defined by AARP as anyone over 50.

Certainly, if you are a 95 year old senior, you may not want to drive but for younger seniors, driving is a good bargain option even with the high price of gasoline. If you want to fly, sign up for airline notification emails about price cuts and special deals. The beauty of being a senior is that if you are retired, you are much more flexible about not only where you can travel but when you can travel. Last minute deals are much easier to manage when you don’t have to worry about getting the time off from work.

Travel by train is an option and Amtrak does offer senior discounts. It can be a leisurely way to see more of the country and let someone else do the driving. Sleeper rooms are available for long routes.

Visit family and friends

Another cheap vacation idea is to take advantage of all those offers you have received over the years from family and friends to come for a visit. Staying with family can really be cost effective. Yes, you will have to be a good guest and take your hosts out to eat and bring a hostess gift but when you consider that the average hotel room costs over $100 a night, it is obvious that a stay of a week or two will garner you great savings.

Websites such as SkyAuction offer great deals on timeshares and resorts. You can check what is available for the time that you want to travel. In the summer, the stock is much more limited since it is such a popular time but there are always bargains available somewhere. Just be flexible and you will find plenty of cheap senior summer vacations.

Today’s senior is younger and more active than ever. They are also much more budget conscious and looking for a good deal is part of the planning. Cheap vacations are possible even in the summer, it just takes a little work to find them.

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