Friday, June 16, 2017

Elle Day Spa Pittsfield, Mass.

Located on the exterior of the Crown Plaza in downtown Pittsfield, Elle Day Spa offers a wide variety of services for women and for men. Since we were on our anniversary getaway, I often book us for massages so that we can really relax and enjoy our time away. 

We had appointment at 5:15 p.m. on the first full day we were staying here. Very little information was required of me when I booked over the phone and I have to admit this is the first spa I have ever been to where I was not required to fill out any paperwork with medical questions etc. Very strange but they didn't tell me to arrive 15 minutes early which is also another thing that is always done. We did arrive early and were escorted to the relaxation room to wait for our therapists. 

I am not going to review my therapist, I didn't ask her permission to write about her so I won't get specific except to say that we did not talk throughout the 80 minutes of my hot stone massage. Since we all know that I like to chat this was a little stressful for me rather than relaxing but I was able to maintain the silence and just enjoy the feeling. 

The spa is small, I didn't see any showers and if I had chosen a scrub, I would have had an issue with that, I hate having to put my clothes back on when I can still feel the grit from the salt. Yes I know, they wipe it off but invariably I feel gritty. I want to take a shower right away before they put on the lotion. 

I was very comfortable, the spa is clean and no pressure to buy any products. I would definitely come here again if I am in thee neighborhood. Al enjoyed his therapeutic massage as well.They offer a wide selection of massages, facial, manicures, pedicures and more so check out their website for additional information. 

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