Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to avoid boredom on a cruise

Have you been hesitant to take a cruise because you were afraid you would be bored? It is amazing how many people feel that way. You could not be more wrong. If anything you will be overwhelmed by the variety of things to do on your cruise.


~Are you a person that loves to work out? On most cruises, you will find a state of the art gym with a selection of cardio and strength training equipment. In addition, there are classes offered in everything from aerobics to yoga. There are personal trainers as well as qualified instructors and you don't have to be a professional athlete to take the classes, many will be beginner level.

~If you prefer the ocean air, most ships have a jogging track or at least a deck that is marked off for walking. You may find a basketball court, volleyball, table tennis, rock wall, skating rink, shuffleboard and even bocce. And if golf is your passion you can find cruises with golf simulators and putting greens.

~Most cruise ships have one or more pools and hot tubs. You can lounge around them or swim laps. If you need to get your sore muscles worked on, you can visit the spa. Spas can perform a variety of services from scrubs and wraps to facials and massages. Pedicures, manicures, teeth whitening,and acupuncture are other possible options.


~Are you competitive? Take part in a trivia contests, Wii completions, Newly Wed Game and much more. When not in port, you can head to the casino and take part in games of chance or use the slot machines. Lesson on how to play poker are often offered and then enter a Poker Tournament.

~Dancing the night away under the stars is certainly an option or in the night club. If you need dance lessons, most cruises will offer them. You can listen to music in one of the lounges and have a fancy frozen drink almost anywhere on the ship.

~Are you an art lover? You can preview and then attend an art auction on some ships. Sometimes the works will be hung on the ship where you can preview them for days before the auctions, others have a preview before the auction. You can attend the auction without any requirement to buy.

~Most cruise ships have a large theater where you will be able to view Las Vegas style reviews, comedians, magicians and singers, and dancers. Many ships also offer films either in a theater or outdoors near the pool.


~You can attend lectures, take a computer or photography class, learn new cooking techniques, tour closed parts of the ship or just read a book. Check out what the cruises you are considering have to offer, there is a great deal of difference one cruise to another and one cruise line to another.


~The size of the ship will likely determine the amount of shopping available. The new larger ships have a variety of shopping opportunities beyond just the obvious shipboard offering.

~At most ports there are shopping opportunities and especially in the Caribbean, they even offer lectures on how to get the best deals from their specially selected stores.


~Many cruise lines are getting away from more formal dining and offering guests lots of options. Specialty restaurants give guests the opportunity to avoid the crowds and dine in a smaller more intimate location. It can be formal or as casual as Johnny Rockets.

~These days, cupcake shops and coffee bars are common and don’t rule out a brick oven pizza or donuts.


~If you want to get off the ship there will be excursions offered at each port and you can do everything from parasailing to historic tours. While these are an additional charge in most cases, they add a great deal to a cruise.

Every ship and every cruise line offer different activities, it is important that you do your research so that you are not disappointed with your cruise.

If there is one thing that you can be guaranteed of on a cruise it is that you will not have the time or the energy to do everything that will be offered. Bored, not for a minute, more likely you will be exhausted and happy to take a little snooze by the pool.

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