Thursday, June 8, 2017

Saving money on dining while away from home

Vacationing can be expensive. Last night we spent over $40 for dinner at our hotel and this morning we had breakfast in Lennox at a lovely little cafe, nothing extravagant but still it was $30 once I added the tip. If we continue at this rate, even eating only two meals a day we are on a pace to spend $280 for our four-day getaway. The madness has to stop. Especially since I just spent $300 for our massages. 

This afternoon I stopped at Big Y which is right in back of our hotel. I decided I wanted to bring in some food so that we could eat in our room. As it turns out, Big Y had some very good deals. I got Al a roast beef grinder for $3.99 and a delicious little organic salad for me for $4.99. In addition I bought him a bottle of local ginger ale, a quart of milk, two small bowls of cereal, 3 cold oatmeal containers, a bag of potato chips, 4 organic bananas, a box of sweet and salty peanut bars, a small container of olives from the olive bar, a box of spoons and two pecan danishes. The cost $32. 

This is the type of thing we have been doing for years. Often we will buy a piece of some local cheese, a baguette, fresh fruit and veggies and other things that make a great little picnic. We basically have a picnic in our room. 

This will work for the whole family, we did consider buying a roasted chicken or fried chicken while we were at Big Y and that would also have been inexpensive and delicious. 

When Kathy and I were in Springfield, we brought a toaster with us. We had bagels and toast for breakfast and we never had to pay the astronomical breakfast charges at the hotel or at the conference. 

These days, many hotels include a breakfast of some sort in the rate, unfortunately, the more upscale the hotel, the less likely you are to have breakfast included. So at a Crown Plaza, Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, Omni or Lowes, you have to buy breakfast. Even if you need to rent the fridge, the savings on breakfast alone will more than pay for the rental. 

Why spend a fortune on dining? Save your money for the fun stuff, like massages!!

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