Monday, July 3, 2017

Websites to help plan your Rhode Island vacation

Rhode Island may be the smallest of the states but it is certainly not short on interesting things to see and do. When you are planning to visit the Ocean State you will want to use the Internet to find the best Rhode Island travel websites. Here are a few of the best.

Visit Rhode Island

Visit Rhode Island is the official travel website of the state of Rhode Island. It is a straight forward site with one picture but no slide show. The right center of the home page is filled with links to things that are going on in the immediate future in the arts. To the far right, is a calendar where you can plug in the dates that you will be visiting and it will tell you what will be going on. It covers the arts but also sports and just about anything that you might want to see, hear or do.

The left half of the center of the home page is Discovery. It includes heritage trails, nature trails, start pedaling and get natural. By clicking on the links you can go to new pages with lots of additional options. Heritage trails offer 16 additional trails for you to travel around Rhode Island. Number 16 trail is Farm Trail and is a great page filled with information about farms in the state. Beyond just the farm information there are sections called Off the Trail, Trail Mix and Learning Curve. These offer some additional information of a very fascinating nature.

Back on the home page to the far left are links to Stay, Do, See, Eat and Plan. By clicking on any of them you will go on to a new page. By choosing plan, you get access to the Trip Planner that will allow you to put all your favorites into the planner as well as telling you what will be going on during your trip. You do need to register to use the travel planner but this way you can save everything that interests you.

Overall this is a very good website that can give you all the information you need to plan the perfect trip to Rhode Island.

South County Rhode Island

The South County Rhode Island website is brought to you by the South County Tourism Council. South County has over 100 miles of beaches and includes among others the towns of Charlestown, Westerly, East Greenwich and Narragansett. It is an area of great natural beauty and lots of historical significance.

The home page of this website offers four picture slideshows and also upcoming events. There are also links to What to do, Where to Stay, Weddings, Packages, Group Tours and a photo tour. If you click on What to Do, you get access to another page where just about anything you would want to know about South will be offered as a link. There are in total twelve additional links to things such as restaurants, family fun and arts and culture. The Family Fun section has a huge list of places of interests to families.

This is a very good website with a comprehensive selection of information about South County, Rhode Island.

Visit Rhode Island-state

Visit Rhode Island is part of the larger site Visit New England. It has the usual slide show of pictures which includes the gondolas on the river in Providence. Like all the other sections of the website it has links to things to do in Rhode Island, in this case, 60 things. It is divided into six areas of the state, Blackstone Valley, Block Island, Providence/Warwick, East Bay, Newport and South County.

Clicking on any of these links will bring up a list of things to do. This is a really fun part of this website. The things that are suggested go beyond just the obvious to the more interesting.

This is a very easy website to use and if you are planning a trip to New England and other states besides Rhode Island you have one travel website that can literally do it all.

When you are planning a trip to Rhode Island, the best travel websites will help you to find all the information that you need and also help you to create a travel planner to make you trip the perfect one for you.

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