Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My Love/Hate Relationship with Aer Lingus over lost luggage

If you read my post about lost luggage you known that mine was lost on the flight from Boston to Dublin. When Tuesday afternoon came and went without receiving my lost luggage or hearing from Aer Lingus, I began to get a little anxious. I was now going to have to sleep without a nightgown, I had no toothpaste or toothbrush or hair brush and I had now been in the same outfit for more than 24 hours.

Kathy was good enough to lend me her cover-up to sleep in and after checking the Aer Lingus website and seeing no update of my luggage-less condition I had a less than satisfactory night's sleep. We decided to go out and take the bus tour and the hotel was good enough to find me a small toothbrush and toothpaste so that I could at least feel half way human. It is now a.m. Wednesday and I am in the same clothes I put on a.m. Monday.

When we came in at the end of the day there was no luggage and no news from Aer Lingus, it has now been over 30 hours. I did a little shopping so that I would have something to wear. I got underwear and pair of pants, a shirt, a sleep shirt  and a sweatshirt. I cost me almost $100 and I also bought toiletries.

At around 9 p.m. I got a text saying that my luggage had arrived and would be at Pembroke Townhouse Hotel between 10:12 p.m. and 12:12 a.m. You can imagine how excited I was. I let the desk staff know to call me when it arrived. I waited and waited. The deadline passed but my luggage did not arrive. I hand washed my underwear and leggings and had a fitful nights sleep. I tried calling to no avail, they are closed. I tried Boston, they transferred me to a line that told me to leave a message.

By morning I was making myself sick. I couldn't eat and I felt as if I had been left hanging. The lack of communication was horrible. 

Francisco from our hotel called them and was told my luggage would arrive by noon. No explanation for why it had not arrived in the evening. We decided to stay in until it arrived. By noon it had not arrived. At this point Kasey called Boston from the U.S. and was told my case was closed, closed!!! I still don't have my luggage.

Francisco called again for me and they said it would be delivered in the afternoon. Needless to say after what had transpired I was not inclined to believe them. I refused to let this ruin our trip so we went out to enjoy the afternoon. This was Thursday and I had now spent two days and two nights without my luggage and then some.
I wonder how long it takes if it isn't rush!!

My luggage was delivered some time that afternoon. I was so happy I could hardly stand it but I am still upset at the way Aer Lingus handled this and the lack of communication they demonstrated. I think they need to improve their customer service and I will be reluctant to allow them to handle my luggage in the future.  Don't you love the rush tag!! I wonder how long it would have taken if it had not been rushed!!

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