Monday, March 14, 2016

The Crafter's Basket Cliffony County Sligo

Kathy and I were adventuring. We followed whatever road looked interesting after we left Galway Bay. Truth be told, I did navigate a bit but finding the Crafter's Basket was purely accidental.

Kathy is an avid quilter and we spent a bit of time in Cavan City trying to find a quilt shop or at least a shop that sold material on the bolt.  We were unsuccessful. Coming upon this shop in the middle of nowhere was a Godsend.

I was tired and since I am pretty uncrafty, I stayed in the car with my iPhone and played games. I told Kathy to take her time and enjoy. When she returned she was very happy and she also had a gift for me. A great handmade hat. I loved it but it was so tight it cut off the circulation in my head. I asked her if she minded if I went inside to see if I could find a better fit. Of course she didn’t mind.

I did love the color of the one she had picked, a maroon color but they didn’t have another. I ended up with a blue one which I loved so much I got one for my granddaughter Syd in pink for Christmas.
Me and my pretty blue hat

Not only does the Crafter's Basket have what you needed to do crafts, they also sell some crafts already made and they have classes as well to learn a new craft or improve your skill.

Kathy rated this one very high as a quilting shop so if you happen to be in this area of Sligo, it is well worth a stop. Stop by their website to check them out. 

This shop was easily accessible by car from our base in Cavan at the Farnham Estate

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