Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ocala: A unique Florida destination

Ocala is not quite like any other area of Florida. It is not on the Gulf Coast or the Atlantic Ocean. It doesn't have beaches or an amusement park but what it does have is a lot of charm. This is horse country and you will see lots of large flat penned fields with thoroughbred horses. Not exactly the way you picture Florida.

Not to say that there isn't plenty of what makes Florida so appealing, there are months of warm temperatures, oak trees dripping with Spanish moss that form a canopy over the road and even the proverbial gators. It's all here.

Along with that, there is a charming downtown area with a town green where on the First Friday of the month you can enjoy Art Night. The arts include entertainment as well as the decorated horses that can be found flanking the green as well as all over town. Charm is abundant especially in the historic district where you will find a very lovely bed and breakfast if you want to stay in the downtown area.

Like towns all over the U.S., you will find commercial strip malls going in every direction. All the usual chain establishments are represented but you can also enjoy local businesses that are fun to poke around in.

Dining options abound around the area. Ocala is a large city geographically and spreads for miles in every direction. In the downtown area, there is the prerequisite Starbucks.

While Ocala does not have a lot of museums, it does have an art museum, The Appleton Art Museum. The good news is that within an hour or two there are loads of great museums if you happen to want to visit one. The location of Ocala lends itself to visiting places like Tampa, St. Augustine, Daytona, and Gainesville. And if you want amusement, there is always all the Disney Parks or Busch Gardens. So while you are not in the middle of all the tourist spots, they are certainly within an easy drive. 

For people who are looking for a great place to visit in Florida or a great place to live, Ocala has a lot to offer.

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