Monday, January 23, 2017

Good reasons to visit Canada

There are 13 very good reasons to visit Canada, 10 provinces and 3 territories. For many Americans, this will be as far away from home as they will ever go. From the United States, you only need a passport card to visit Canada. It is larger than the United States and offers many unique and colorful experiences. It is a great place to get away from it all.

Canada affords the opportunity to experience the culture of France in the Province of Quebec, a little piece of Scotland in Nova Scotia, Britain at its best in British Columbia and a whole melting pot in between. Every Province of Canada has its own unique character and beauty. With wide open spaces and a low population you can be guaranteed that crowding won't be a problem. Their motto says it all A MARI USQUE AD MARE which translate to "from Sea to sea" and "D'un océan à l'autre."

Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island is known as the Garden of the Gulf and justifiably so. Think Cape Cod without thousands of tourists. Visit here to vacation and immerse yourself in the land of Anne of Green Gables. From its red cliffs to its pristine beaches it offers a relaxing and beautiful place to visit. Visiting has been made easy by the addition of the Confederation Bridge connecting the Island with New Brunswick.

New Brunswick
Partly French partly English this province is best known for the Bay of Fundy with the world’s highest tides. Fundy National Park is one of the major attractions in this area with camping and other outdoor opportunities available. St John is home to the Reversing Falls where the St. John River meets the Bay of Fundy. Moncton offers the very unusual Magnetic Hill where you park your car at the bottom and enjoy backing up the hill with no acceleration. Primeval forests and rocky coasts adorn this majestic Province.

Nova Scotia
Come here to enjoy some of the best scenery in maritime Canada. The Cabot trail on Cape Breton Island is an amazing route to drive and if you have ever been to Scotland you will notice the similarity to the Highlands. This is the former French territory of Acadia, whose history inspired Longfellow's epic poem Evangline. Expect to find charming fishing villages and enjoy the waters of the Bay of Fundy.

Newfoundland and Labrador
Where else can you go to visit an iceberg on the east coast? It's rugged it's wild, it’s a great place to visit. If you enjoy untouched vistas, sea kayaking and hiking rugged trails then this may be the place for you. With over 22 species of whales and 350 species of birds this is a birdwatchers paradise. The sun rises first in North America on Labrador and Newfoundland. This is a large province which consists of the island of Newfoundland and the mainland which is Labrador.

Whether it is whale watching on the Saguenay River or people watching at a Quebec City café, the Province of Quebec has it all. From the urban charms of Montreal to the majesty of the St Lawrence River, Quebec is guaranteed to please. . This most French of all the provinces gives a glimpse at the culture and charm that was the "Ancien Regime". In addition there are hundreds of miles of wilderness to afford the outdoor loving man or woman an opportunity to commune with nature.

Home to the amazing Niagara Falls and the cities of Toronto and the capital of Canada Ottawa. With over 80 vineyards to visit you could spend a lifetime just sipping the reds, whites and blushes produced in this beautiful province.

This is a fantastic wintertime destination with the Northern lights adorning the Arctic Circle and polar bear expeditions an exciting option. Churchill is one of the northern attractions and Winnipeg offers culture and nightlife and sports.

With over 1000 lakes Saskatchewan offers the nature lover and the fisher men almost unlimited possibilities. Whether you want to hire a local guide or strike out on your own there are over 60 species of fish to tempt you. Saskatchewan is also Canada hunting hotspot with thousands of wild geese, white tailed deer, moose and bear just waiting.

Home to Banff, Jasper and the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. The Calgary Stampede is known worldwide for its western excitement. Shoppers beware Edmonton is home to the Edmonton Mall the largest retail shopping mall in North America.

British Columbia
When it comes to majestic this province has it hands down. Skiing at Whistler is world class and it isn't just a winter destination. With the warmest weather in Canada Beautiful Victoria is like a little taste of England. Vancouver is gorgeous with every outdoor activity you can think of set in a pristine urban environment. Stanley Park is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. 

Northwest Territories
If you want to view the Aurora Borealis, there is no better place than the Northwest Territories. This is also home to many of the First Nation Peoples. The days are short, the winters are long and the welcome is warm. What more could you ask for?

With the motto “Larger than Life" you get a small idea of the vastness of this territory. Spectacular wilderness, pristine lakes, the lush tundra of Tombstone Territorial Park, the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Its big, it's bold, it's beauty it's the Yukon.

This territory is almost entirely undiscovered and yet it makes up 20 percent of Canada. Extending as far north as the Arctic Circle there are adventures to be had here. Go dog sledding in a real setting, stay with a real Inuit family or take a fishing excursion. This is a unique and once in a lifetime place to visit. If you want solitude and a place untouched this newest of territories has much to offer.

With all these reasons to go to Canada, what are you waiting for? The welcome will be warm and the memories will last a lifetime.

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